Not long ago, when you asked anyone how they were doing, they used to reply with, “I am fine, thank you.” But nowadays, almost everyone answers, “Busy.”

Seemingly, being busy has become the default state for too many of our lives.

As human beings, we naturally gravitate to being “busy”…

“If you want to be an effective leader, get comfortable fostering. Foster a culture of innovation, inclusion, collaboration, and creativity.”

Germany Kent aptly describes a profound leadership style that transverses all cultural and economic leadership norms.

What Germany described is my modus operandi, my method of operation at work in…

Weight-loss Culture is toxic

I am tired of the ‘weight-loss culture’. Coined in 1864 by William Banting the term is meant to describe how obesity is stigmatised and pathologised in Western society. More specifically, its use pertains to the values of body size held by individual people and what they…

Over the last few years, social media has been awash with various powerful hashtags for change. #BlackLivesMatter. #WeSeeYou. #MeToo. Brands, celebrities, and ordinary folk alike have been at the forefront demanding change for the repressed in all social, political, and economic circles. This behavior brought into existence what is now…

Okay, let us ruminate on this thought experiment.

Go to your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram feed and post something that goes against the popular opinion of your followers slash friends and see what happens.

You’ll likely get browbeat to the point of silence, or you will simply be UNFOLLOWED.

Elvis Tapfumanei

Product Manager ✜ Budding Writer ✜ Toastmaster

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